Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunday Night

So Sunday Night after dinner, we decided to have coffee with Papa and Mehmaw. Pictures to describe below.

First we started with bubbles. Kadie too.

Well this is just her pretty blue eyes.

Then as daddy would say, "the football stance"

Well actually it was the start of the roll.

As so papa begins the chase. The face says it all!

And it continues.

And then a break for some water!

Well not much water in the mouth, just all over herself.

And to finish it off, with a Popsicle.

See seems to be the light and entertainment for us all. I love watching her grow and become just a big girl. She definitely is active but so much fun!

Happy Wednesday

This last Saturday, Dad and I worked on the "bow board" for my display this weekend. So what did Mehmaw and Brookie do? Can you guess? Yep, they took pictures. In addition, Brookie found one of mommies buckets to play in. Who needs toys when you have a bucket?

Nice try. Didn't quite make it on time.

Well, this is just to cute!

Good one!

I paid $2.00 bucks for this bucket!

And she loved it.

Saying "cheeeeeesssseee"!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lipstinkin" Republican

What a way to start a Moday. I got a phone call from my mom. Her and Brooklyn were preparing for a Victory. Photos below to show the process!

Yep.....getting ready....lipstick, glasses and all!

Showing you where it belongs!

And she is practicing her speech!

Oh the joys and having my mother watch my daughter. It truly has been a blessing to watch her grow up and know that she is in the best hands possible. Thanks Mehmaw.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today is another day. Mehmaw is always taking pictures of our little girl. What a day she had yesterday. First she sits down in front of the T.V. with her books to watch Barney (I know real educational). But hey, it gives Mehmaw a few minutes to get things done around the house. She got to go swimming in the afternoon, thanks to Papa and Mehmaw and of course the wonderful 100 degrees + weather. She is my little fish. Pictures below. Enjoy!

Must be nice to put your feet up on the coffee table!

Just relaxin'!

Now she is ready, glasses and all.

Quick snapshot before swimming

All by herself.....No fear either.

Well Papa was trying to take a picture with her but as you can see it doesn't always happen that way. She seems to have a mind of her own. Little Miss Independent!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Day at Mehmaw's

Happy Wednesday! I got a phone call from my mom during the day yesterday. She says, "Brooklyn is such a character." My response was, "She sure is!" She begins to tell me my daughter was eating lunch and thought it was time to nap. Thanks to Mehmaw (grandma to her), she got a few snap shots. Brooklyn even allowed her to change her diaper and clean off her face before she decided to wake up. Must be nice to name whenever you feel like it.

Mouth open and all (even blueberries on her face)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daddy, How could you?

Well last night, we needed to kill sometime before we put little Brookie to bed. So, some how we ended up at Toys'R'Us. Wrong place! Not only did I have my daughter to take care of but my husband too. I ventured off to the kids clothing section looking for a mickey mouse outfit for Brooklyn to wear in Disneyland. Some how Chris ended up in the toy section. Shocker, huh?!? So the next thing I knew, we have a hot pink quad in the cart. What the heck? He said, " I have to get this. I can't not buy it." By the looks on her face, she didn't seem too interested UNTIL.....well the pictures below say it all. Enjoy!

Daddy was so excited, maybe even more then she was!

Let's start our engine.

And off we go!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

So we are in the process of trying to keep a 2 year old busy for 8 hours of the day while mom and dad are at work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mehmaw for watching me! This is the latest purchase. You can see how the day started at the bottom and how it ended.